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About Us
About Us The Sapphire Alliance is a global group of the most experienced Xray Inspection companies, who are collaborating to produce the most reliable, best supported systems on the market. The individual alliance members have installed many hundreds of automatic Xray inspection systems, in many cases over a period of more than 20 years.  The Alliance was inaugurated in March, 2006 at a conferemce in Kings College, Cambridge in England.
The Cheyney team started together in the early 1980’s developing some of the first automated gauging and statistical process control systems.  Early in our history, development commenced on Xray components and automatic vision systems. We worked on some of the very first linear diode array Xray detectors as well as imaging electronics for both optical and Xray applications.  Over the period the team has been responsible for many of the key developments in end-of-line Xray inspection working with the major names in the industry.

Our Experience

  • In 1983, the team were consultants to a major French Company in electronics and medical equipment sector on the development of one of the first linear Xray detectors.
  • From 1987, we developed and manufactured imaging electronics for this linear detector, which was sold under their marque
  • In the late 1980's we developed Xray imaging electronics for one of the first UK companies in the food sector, which is now part of a Belgian group and a UK company that is now part of a major USA technology and instrumentation group.

  • In 1989 we developed our first generation Xray linear detector, which was supplied and later licenced to to a group, now USA based

  • In the early 1990's we developed many special applications for clients including the first real-time hardware pre-processors and integrated software packages.

  • In the mid 1990's as part of a collaboration of one of our users we assisted in the development of the Xray processing platform for a large Japanese group, which is now a leading brand in the Xray market.

  • We also developed our second generation Xray linear detector and supplied many users in UK and USA.

  • In the late 1990's we developed the Xray software application for a leadinf end-of-line inspection systems company and designed and manufactured all the modules used by them until 2002.

  • At the end of 2000, the team joined the a group which included the largest metal detection and check-weighing suppliers and were responsible for the complete range of Xray equipment until 2005.

  • In 2006 we released a complete new range of modules incorporated into the machines manufactured by the Sapphire Alliance, which represent the pinnacle of our technical development.

Further details are available in white paper CDD 110004.
The Cheyney team continue with research and development into innovative techniques for the radiographic inspection of products. We maintain close links with several academic institutions and are at the forefront of the technology.